Racist Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland has a PUBLIC FREAKOUT over a black man in his neighborhood

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Racist Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland has a PUBLIC FREAKOUT over a black man in his neighborhood
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Description: Male Karen Jonathan Pentland, who is a US Army Sergeant, has a public freakout over his Black neighbor going fora. stroll please subscribe http://bit.ly/3oD0qg1

UPDATE: The Army soldier has now been arrested and charged for the incident. According to Richland County court records, Jonathan Pentland — the person seen in a video berating a Black man in his neighborhood — has been charged today with 3rd degree assault and battery.

U.S. Army sergeant Jonathan Pentland has been caught physically threatening a Black man for walking around his South Carolina neighborhood. f you want to stay up to date on viral stories like these, please hit that subscribe button below.

The aggressor in the video has been identified as 42-year-old Sergeant First Class Jonathan Pentland, who is based at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina.

The black man, identified only as Deandre, is walking down the sidewalk as Pentland demands that he “go away.” It is not clear why Pentland is acting so aggressively, but Deandre remains calm throughout the video.

Pentland attempts to bully Deandre into leaving the area and at one point becomes physically aggressive, yelling at him that, “You’re in the wrong neighborhood.”

When Deandre informs Pentland that he lives in the neighborhood, Pentland begins pressing him for his address.

After the video ends, Pentland slaps Deandre’s phone out of his hand, cracking the screen. Police were called. Despite multiple witnesses and video evidence of Pentland’s behavior, the officer told her “that he could only charge the white guy with malicious injury to property and not assault.”

After users identified Pentland, the Fort Jackson Commanding General Twitter account responded to the video, writing, “This is by no means condoned by any service member. We will get to the bottom of this ASAP.”

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is also actively investigating the incident.

‘You’re in the wrong neighborhood, motherf*cker’: Video shows white Army sergeant harassing Black neighbor, please read http://www.joseph-morris.com/army-sergeant-harassing-black-neighbor-2021
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