S&P 500 falls | We Will Feel The PAIN Before The GAIN!

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S&P 500 falls | We Will Feel The PAIN Before The GAIN!
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S&P 500 falls to start the week as investors await Ukraine developments, Fed rate hike
The S&P 500 fell on Monday to kick off an important week, as oil prices fell sharply and traders monitored the latest developments from the Ukraine-Russia war. Investors are also anticipating the first rate hike by the Federal Reserve this week.

The broad market index fell 0.7% to 4,173.11, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite slid 2.04% to 12,581.22. Both finished their seventh negative session in the past eight. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished flat, up 1 point to 32,945.24, after climbing as much as 450 points earlier in the day.

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